Idaho Freedom Foundation’s (IFF) Education Policy Director, Anna Miller never disappoints!

Idaho Freedom Foundation, Anna Miller continues her research and writings involving what’s actually happening in Idaho’s education system. Please pay attention to what she is reporting. I have seen the public records and know for a fact her findings are indeed, TRUE. I have public record requests showing the Nampa School District is teaching from the Second Step curriculum. SEL, Social-emotional learning to not only the main focus of the Nampa School District for the next 10 years, it is strongly supported and encouraged by Idaho’s current Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sherri Ybarra.

Anna Miller’s Article on the Sexualization of Idaho Students – A MUST READ!

Nampa’s Superintendent, Paula Kellerer used tax payer dollars to bring in Meena Srinivasan, a SEL specialist to train her certified staff in August 2021. The following are review taking from Srinivasan page: “Meena Srinivasan offers educators an invaluable resource for implementing SEL in their schools and classrooms. Drawing on her own experiences as a teacher and a leader, Srinivasan offers insights and suggestions that are grounded, actionable, wise and potentially transformational.” Elena Aguilar, Founder and President of Bright Morning Consulting, Author of The Art of Coaching, The Art of Coaching Teams, and Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators. “I could not put this book down! From Meena Srinivasan’s SEL Everyday: Integrating Social and Emotional Learning with Instruction in Secondary Classrooms, I learned numerous practices and strategies to integrate SEL with Common Core, as well as how to create learning environments where everyone thrives. SEL self-assessments, lesson planning templates, community circle guidelines, mindfulness practices, and reflective questions are provided, making it easy to integrate SEL into subject matter instruction! An exceptional resource for teachers!” Wendy Baron, MA, Co-Founder, New Teacher Center, Chief Officer, Social and Emotional Learning, Emerita. “SEL Every Day is the book that the field of secondary school SEL has been waiting for. It needs to be in the hands of every secondary school teacher who cares about teaching the whole child and knows that both teaching and learning are intrinsically social and emotional. Through Srinivasan’s own embodiment of SEL practices and her direct and extensive first-hand work with students and teachers, this book puts to rest the myth that the teaching and learning of SEL is separate and too time consuming for the secondary classroom.” Linda Lantieri,  Author, Building Emotional Intelligence, Senior Program Advisor, Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Meena refers to The Tree of Contemplative Practices, and if this doesn’t scare parents and educators that concerns me. The following is taken from Meena’s page and summarizes what she teaches in her class that was taught in Nampa last fall:

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)
In this module you will receive a comprehensive definition of Social and Emotional Learning, learn about connections between SEL and Mindfulness and Equity, be introduced to key SEL frameworks and resources and get clear on the three main areas of SEL skills. This module also includes the latest research and resources on why SEL needs to be taught and learned, and provides a roadmap for implementing SEL.

Lesson 1: What is SEL?
Lesson 2: Why Prioritize SEL?
Lesson 3: Implementing SEL, Step 1 – The Blueprint & Foundation of Building Your SEL House
Lesson 4: Building Your SEL House Step 2 – Construct the Framing & Wiring Classrooms and Schools
Lesson 5: Building Your SEL House Step 3 – Install Drywall & Furnishings for Enacting SEL in Classrooms and Schools
Lesson 6: Building Your SEL House Step 4 – Maintaining & Renovating for Continuous Improvement

The following information has been hidden on Meena’s site but I have copies of her previously listed data pertaining to this class:

SEL Every Day for the Educator

Also, I have public records showing the Meena gave the Nampa School District access to look at her forthcoming SEL Quick Refereence Guide. Nampa District PBI/SEL Instructional Speacialist, Kaylee Verstoppen emailed the company requesting to place a bulk order of this book on January 21, 2021. She discussed their WICAP granat funding 248 copies for PK-3 teachers and administrators and then the Nampa District purchasing an additional 248 copies “for all the schools to have”. “We are looking at ordering a total of 248 with the grant and 214 (or so) from the district.” Verstoppen added.

Later that same day, Rachel Brownell, the High School Sales Representative for W.W. Norton & Company replied back asking about clarifications for the grant as well as informing the district that both purchases “will be subject to our Norton Professional Book discount for this title, which is 45% off and free shipping for orders of this quantity.”

The Nampa School District is 100% pushing this agenda. Parents BEWARE and keep on eye on Anna Miller’s research, she is speaking TRUTH.

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