Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska by John Green has an Interest Level of grades 9-12 and a Reading Level is grades 4-10. This book is disgusting! I checked to see if it was available at Skyview High School in Nampa, Idaho. IT IS and it looks like 5 copies are ready and waiting for our children. According to other parents, it’s also available at Owyhee, Rocky, Eagle High, Eagle Academy, Meridian High, and Renaissance in the West Ada School District as well in Idaho Falls and Kuna High School. Is it in your child’s school library?

I have had parents tell me that they read books like this when they were young. Well, good for them and shame on our parents for allowing such books in the libraries. Just because some folks think there’s no harm in these books doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight to clean this garbage out of our school libraries. If parents want their children to read such filth, then they can purchase these books and keep them in their homes away from my children. As for my tax money, this isn’t the education I expect it to go towards.

Excerpt- pages 126-128 (please use caution around children)

“I’ve just never given one,” she answered, her little voice dripping with seductiveness. It was so brazen. I thought I would explode. I never thought. I mean, from Alaska, hearing that stuff was one thing. But to hear her sweet little Romanian voice go so sexy all of the sudden…
“No,” I said. “I never have.”
“Think it would be fun?”
DO I!?!?!?!?!?!?! “Um, Yeah. I mean, you don’t have to.”
“I think I want to,” she said, and we kissed a little, and then. And then with me sitting watching The Brady Bunch, watching Marcia Marcia Marcia up to her Brady antics, Lara unbuttoned my pants and pulled my boxers down a little and pulled out my penis.
“Wow,” she said.
She looked up at me, but didn’t move, her face nanometers away from my penis. “It’s weird.”
“Just big, I guess.”
I could live with that kind of weird. And then she wrapped her hand around it and put it into her mouth. And waited.
We were both very still. She did not move a muscle in her body, and I did not move a muscle in mine. I knew that at this point something else was supposed to happen, but I wasn’t quite sure what.
She stayed still. I could feel her nervous breath. For minutes…she lay there, stock-still with my penis in her mouth, and I sat there, waiting. And then she took it out of her mouth and looked up at me quizzically.
“Should I do something?”
“Um. I don’t know,” I said. Everything I’d learned from watching porn with Alaska suddenly exited my brain. I thought maybe she should move her head up and down, but wouldn’t that choke her? So I just stayed quiet.
“Should I, like, bite?”
“Don’t bite! I mean, I don’t think. I think—I mean, that felt good. That was nice. I don’t know if there’s something else.”
“I mean, you didn’t—.”
“Um. Maybe we should ask Alaska.” So we went to her room and asked Alaska. She laughed and laughed. Sitting on her bed, she laughed until she cried. She walked into the bathroom, returned with a tube of toothpaste, and showed us. In detail. Never have I so wanted to be Crest Complete.
Lara and I went back to her room, where she did exactly what Alaska told her to do, and I did exactly what Alaska said I would do, which was die a hundred little ecstatic deaths, my fists clenched, my body shaking. It was my first orgasm with a girl, and afterward, I was embarrassed and nervous, and so, clearly, was Lara, who finally broke the silence by asking, “So, want to do some homework?”


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