My Update on Week 2 of the 2023 Legislative Session


Week 2 at the Capitol began with warmer than normal January weather and then ended with beautiful snow. We had the opportunity to honor our former Lt. Governor and dear friend, Janice McGeachin for her great sacrifice to our state, our families, and our children. It was a beautiful evening, but most definitely not a farewell!!!
A lot more began to happen on both the House and Senate floors. You can find those agendas at the following sites:
Senate 2023 Reading Calendar
House 2023 Reading Calendar
Health Freedom Idaho HFI Capitol Training Day was AMAZING!!! This was one of the best opportunities I’ve seen for both children and parents to experience and learn how a bill hearing and testimony works. The legislators that participated were wonderful in explaining the process and giving invaluable advice to all. I truly believe this is how our republic form of government is meant to work. I hope Miste Gardner-Karlfeldt and Sarah Clendenon provide this opportunity for citizens many more times. I’ll have my child there and be sure to let all my friends and family know it’s taking place.
I ran into my cousin’s oldest child and was able to introduce her to a couple of our representatives. I love watching the young lady she is growing up to be. I am encouraged as I watch our elected leaders interact with and encourage our youth. Whether it’s the pages working in the House and Senate, the the interns learning the ropes, groups of students walking through with their teachers on a field trip, or children with their parents, it’s inspiring to see future generations becoming involved in the People’s House.
I was encouraged in both the House and Senate Education Committees this week. Idaho’s children have great people representing them. The new energy that comes with all the new freshmen legislators in inspiring.
Thursdays are a great blessing every week with amazing prayer from 11am to noon followed by Capitol Clarity in the Lincoln Auditorium at noon. We’re blessed with incredible pastors in this valley stepping up to walk alongside us and fight for future generations.

Calvary Chapel Mountain Heights Pastor Marty & Emily Yost

AWARE Ministries

Calvary Chapel Star Pastor David & Rochelle

Real Impact Idaho

Values Advocacy Council Idaho Neil Mammen

Valley Springs Assembly of God Nampa Pastor Craig Hanson

Our own Anna Miller and Kaitlyn Shepherd with Idaho Freedom Foundation continue to reveal truths within our education system in Idaho. What a blessing! And, Senator Ben Toews spoke about School Choice and the realities in our schools. I am so thankful that he was transparent and truthful with the issues of school choice. He recognized that we must always be active, voting, and sending the right people to the Capitol to serve. Senator Toews talked about there not being easy answers but pointed out that the reality is we must always be on guard. I’m encouraged and thrilled to get behind his honest approach to school choice.
God has blessed us in Idaho with the most incredible people to be in this journey with. Some had the opportunity to attend Idaho Family Policy Center event with Kirk Cameron. A huge blessing! Another event with a large group of people coming together to stand up for God, country, family, and children. So cool!!!

Week 3 Action Items:
1) Our legislators are working crazy hours and need our support. If you are not able to be at the Capitol, please lift them up in prayer from home.
2) The enemy loves division. So please don’t believe everything you hear or read. Go straight to the source. Search for truth.
3) The legislative website is very helpful.
You can sign up for Bill Tracker to follow specific bills.

4) H 2 has been held until Friday, January 27, 2023 Representative Bruce Skaug(10) by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – NO FUNDS FOR ABORTION ACT – Amends, adds to, and repeals existing law to provide for the withholding of sales and use tax revenues from local government entities that defy state law and refuse to investigate or enforce Idaho criminal abortion statutes.

5) There are many other bills coming that will need prayer and support. The legislative website is a great way to follow bills and keep up-to-date on what’s happening during the Legislative Session. (see #3 above for links)

6) School Choice Rally Tuesday, January 24th @ 11:15 on the Capitol steps

7) Prayer at the Capitol Thursday, January 26th @11 Lincoln Auditorium
Capitol Clarity Thursday, January 26th @ noon 2A Freedoms

I’m sure I’m missing something.

I know there are a lot of great Lincoln Day events coming up. The Idaho GOP website lists these events from all over the state.

Canyon County’s Lincoln Day event is March 4th.

Chloe Cole will be in Caldwell February 1st at Valley Church as well as Capitol Clarity February 2nd.

February 7th at noon is our monthly Treasure Valley Republican Women Meeting @ Bob’s Restaurant in Nampa. The topic will be, We love our children, all things education. Nampa School Board Trustee, Tracey Pearson, Vallivue parent Andi Ryan and myself will be speaking.

Dr. James Lindsay will be at Capitol Clarity February 16th.

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