Nampa School District swears in 3 new Trustees

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 the Nampa School District swore in three new School Board Trustees. Zone 3 Tracey Pearson, Zone 4 Brook Taylor, and Zone 5 Jeff Kirkman. This was definitely a huge cry for change from WE THE PEOPLE. The community wants to feel heard, they want to feel valued, and they want their Trustees to represent the people. The following is the Oath all of these Trustees swore to uphold: “Do you swear (or affirm) to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution and the laws of the State of Idaho, and to faithfully discharge all the duties of the office of Trustee of Nampa School District No. 131, in Canyon County, State of Idaho, as required by law to the best of your ability.”

I’ll be honest, I hear these oaths and watch people swear to them but over and over I see politics at play and the Constitution of both the U.S. and Idaho being ignored. Watching these Trustees take this Oath gave me some hope that maybe positive changes for children and educators may be headed to the Nampa School District. Just maybe, we may have opportunities to clean out the trashy library books, remove all possibilities of mandates, return rights back to the parents, and clear out the teaching and push for all things critical race theory (CRT), social-emotional (mental health) learning, inappropriate sex-ed curricula, and continued division. It’s time for academics: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History (real true History) NOT indoctrination of kids in any form.

Only time will tell but it’s a move in the right direction and gives hundreds of parents some hope. My cry to the public is to remember that electing these Trustees doesn’t mean our work is done. We can’t go back to complacency! We must continue to support, watch, and work to make more improvements. If we don’t do this we will end up in the same place we started.


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