Nampa School District…Who will they appoint as the new Suerintendent?

Nampa’s Superintendent of Schools has resigned.

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I’m very concerned that our Board may appoint Assistant Superintendent, Greg Russell. Greg stood up in front of the Board and community and announced in spring of 2021 that SEL WOULD BE THE 10 YEAR FOCUS FOR THE NAMPA SCHOOL DISTRICT. He also got on a call with Nikki Zogg from SWDH during a board meeting and discussed K-12 protocol for infectious disease for the entire state. And…Russell also lied to me, right to my face by telling me the Health curriculum adoption was a year behind and they would begin looking at it in summer 2021. Unbeknown to me, the Health Curriculum Adoption Committee was already presented at the February Board Meeting. Greg Russell lied straight to my face!!! It was a Board member that broke the news and shared on social media that the Health Curriculum had already been selected and adopted.

Alright, time for some truth. Hopefully they don’t hide these links…if they do, I have copies. STOP TELLING US SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)┬áIS A LIE AND NOT IN OUR SCHOOLS!!!
February 1, 2021 Board Agenda – If you click on this link, it will take you to Nampa’s Board Agenda for February 1, 2021. It is this agenda that you’ll find links for their “SEL, Social Emotional Learning Board Packet”, “Nampa School District Social Emotional Learning Professional Development Plan for 2020-2021”, “K-5 Social Emotional Standards”, and “Health Standards Curriculum Presentation.”

All of these items are in the left hand column on the page. Click the little paper icons and they will take you to these specific documents. It will take a minute to go through all the documents, but it’s worth your time.

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