NOW Is the Time to Protect America’s Children!

Now is NOT the time to stop speaking up! WE all need to stay involved! Our leaders NEED us to come alongside them, do research for them, pull public records for them, keep them updated on all the details of what’s taking place within our communities, and speak truth every step of the way.  As mama and papa bears, grandma and grandpa bears, IT IS MOST IMPORTANT that we advocate for children! It is apparent there is an agenda targeting the innocence of America’s children. NOW IS THE TIME TO PROTECT AMERICA’S CHILDREN!

There are a lot of great resources to help you navigate what can often be a bumpy journey. These are a few of my of my very favorite resources and a couple groups who send me weekly updates:

Moms for America – INCREDIBLE!!!

Moms for America – A Mom’s Guide to Parental Rights (pdf) – AMAZING!

America’s Future

America’s Future: Understanding The Separation of Powers Principles ebook

America’s Future: Exploring America’s Founding Documents ebook

Patriot Academy

Parents Defending Education

Parents Defending Education: Speaking Up at Public Schools

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