Social Emotional Learning

It was Anna Miller’s, Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Education Policy Director, 3 part series on SEL that first opened my eyes of the realities in my children’s classrooms. These articles are brilliant! Every parent in America should be following her work on Critical Race Theory and Social-Emotional learning.

In part 1, Miller describes SEL as “the latest fad in education…which has been dubbed progressive education’s greatest victory and become a global phenomenon.” She’s 100% correct!! Not only does SEL work to alter our children’s way of thinking or skew their moral and ethical lens, it creates a means for collecting unlimited data on our children, us as their parents and anything happening in our home.

Miller gives a clear definition of SEL with examples to help parents identify how it’s being implemented. She directs one’s attention to Idaho’s Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as the State Department and Board of Education as they accept federal money and then use it to support and further implement SEL. Please make sure not to miss how this implementation of SEL impacts our teachers and harms our children. The data our teachers are expected to collect on students is both invasive and very alarming.

Have you given the schools permission to collect data on your children? Do you want schools evaluating your children psychologically? Quite frankly, if I wanted a psychological evaluation on any of my children…and that’s a big IF, I would research a licensed psychologist that I felt was highly qualified and take my child to see them in a one-on-one setting or better yet, a one-one-two (me present) setting. Schools need to teach the basics and stay out of my lane of parenting!

In part 2, Miller explains how SEL became a prettier package to bring CRT into our schools. This is my favorite article in this 3 part series. It’s the article that woke me up and explained the reality of SEL so it really made sense to me. It clearly explains to parents what SEL is and helps them identify the real agenda. Anna Miller explains the difference between equality and equity, uncovers the social justice push and bias training for educators, and beautifully describes how SEL indoctrination is being encouraged.

After reading this one article I began researching truth. Public records can uncover so very much. I found that the Nampa School District used taxpayer money to bring in SEL specialist and author of ‘SEL Every Day’, Meena Srinivasan to train our certified staff. Hundreds of her books were purchased for the staff. Her website describes her class as a course that will “equip you with everything you need to know to begin creating a relationship-centered classroom, utilize instructional practices to promote SEL across academic content, make SEL explicit in lesson planning and integrate mindfulness and anti-racist practices into your classroom and life.” That same website describes her book as a teacher’s “guide to incorporating SEL into everyday teaching in middle and high school classrooms.” It really is no surprise that the Nampa School District Assistant Superintendent, Gregg Russell publically admitted in 2021 that SEL would be the district’s 10 year focus. PLEASE HEAR WHAT I’M SAYING, their plan is it integrate SEL into every facet of our child’s school day.

In part 3, Miller explains how we began to see SEL in schools during the Clinton Administration. This agenda clearly looks to have schools teach students the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors liberals deem correct, as well as limiting parents involvement in their child’s education.

Idaho adopted Common Core Standards in 2011 in order to receive, you guessed it, FEDERAL MONEY. Common Core is drenched in SEL. Piece by piece, bit by bit Idaho has implemented a process for student’s to look at their feelings and emotions, look at other’s feelings and emotions, and then reflect on their responsibilities to deal with these collective feelings and emotions. It doesn’t take much thought to see how this idea of training or brainwashing children how to think and what to think can have dangerous outcomes. The liberal agenda is clear, they aren’t hiding it anymore, and federal money is their reward.

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